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I envision a great pendulum, always swinging as it has - and always will. Between each cycle of boom and bust, shifting ideologies and cultural mores.

Most of mankind rides the pendulum, at the mercy of its momentum. A very few stand at its opposing ends, seeking to change its direction or seize opportunities presented as it approaches.

I suddenly realized the masses shift between mind-sets dominated by LACK or ABUNDANCE.

ABUNDANCE fosters TRUST, while LACK trusts not.

LACK says resources and wealth are limited, ABUNDANCE says they are unlimited.

LACK believes finite wealth must be transferred from one to another, ABUNDANCE believes infinite wealth can be CREATED anytime, anywhere.

The forces of ABUNDANCE enable Trickle-Down Wealth, while the denizens of LACK force Trickle-Up Poverty.

Currency is no more than ink on paper - its VALUE is determined by PRODUCTION: Goods produced and services rendered for which people are willing to trade.

Forced redistribution of wealth without fair trade devalues the currency - the result is inflation and the increase of poverty.

Throughout history, whenever governments and public institutions drove the pendulum in the direction of LACK, it was the private entrepreneurs who drove it back toward ABUNDANCE.

The Next New Age of Entrepreneurial Abundance awaits its birth. I know at which end of the pendulum's path I firmly stand!

FEAR is a state of mind - or THOUGHTS. I CHOOSE what to THINK. No one can control MY THOUGHTS unless I give them authority to. FEAR can hurt me if I give it POWER.

I refuse to participate in the FEAR OF POVERTY currently gripping many Americans - and spreading like a contagion around the world.

As Dr. Napoleon Hill tells us, the 1929 stock market crash did not directly cause the "Great Depression" - it was the FEAR OF POVERTY which caused people to surrender their common sense and take unwise actions.

FEAR caused people to listen to the peddlers of FEAR and give over their control to them. There are many who use FEAR of LOSS to market their wares: not just merchants, but religious and political leaders as well.

Asking government officials to handle economic problems FOR me is a mistake, no matter what their party or ideological affiliation. These people seek POWER for POWER'S sake, and employ FEAR to get it.

Powerful people - whether bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, business tycoons, or media moguls - infected by MONEY MADNESS, become self-destructive. They ignore their fiduciary responsibilities to those who gave them their power, and "forget the face of their Fathers".

Those who worship MONEY as GOD will do anything to get more, sacrificing the long-term stability of a system for short-term gain. This GREED will destroy ANY system: communism, socialism, even capitalism.

The answer? I can only answer for myself - living my life with honor and integrity and affecting the lives of others, one at a time. I WILL NOT give POWER to fear, anger, hate, or despair - those result in self-destruction.

As for politicians, the cure is an amendment: ONE TERM per office - serving the PEOPLE, rather than the self-interest of re-election.

My creed: Putting PEOPLE FIRST - conducting ONLY transactions which benefit ALL parties concerned. When more and more of us conduct our businesses and lives this way, we will lead the way to truth, honor, and beauty.

Ken Klemm

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